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Дата на публикуване 22.08.2018г.
Stylish, modern and cozy renowned club in Sofia Bedroom friends every night, they hugged in his arms, to allow closer to yourself!
On Monday, people, here are stars, singing! Karaoke parties with Igor and Ivan earlier in the week they maketo get rid of the daily problems and to sing favorite pieces.
Along with you and many celebrities who have seen only from the small screen You can met them in Bedroom.
Your favorite club is only a step away from the National Assembly, in the heart of the capital.
The capacity is 250 seats. Boutique, broken, suitable for your private party.
DJs are at your disposal to satisfy your musical whims. Hot dancers do will return to sea in the summer parties that keep deep heart as a traveler.
And the remix of Sarah Tavaresh One love forever makes you addicted to partydestination called - Bedroom
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